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Parent Coaching Sessions

Find out more about pay as you go and pay what you wish coaching.

Parent Coaching Sessions

These sessions are focused on supporting the client, who will bring a parenting problem- or area they feel stuck with- to the session. Coaching will enable them to identify the deeper reasons behind why they are feeling stuck and will support them to get 'unstuck', moving towards a more peaceful approach that aligns with their values. I do not offer behaviour modification strategies.


These sessions are most effective for parents/carers who already have some understanding of conscious parenting and generational patterns though I invite you to book an initial consultation to discuss your desired outcomes wherever you are on the parenting continuum.


1 hour session: £59

3 x 1 hour sessions package: £150

For parents who are brand new to conscious parenting, you can find out more about the Transformational Parenting Process here.

Pay What You Wish Coaching

What is it?

I became a parent coach because I am passionate about helping families find harmony within their home. Like every other business, I have to charge for my coaching to make it sustainable long term, however, I do know coaching isn't affordable for everyone and challenging behaviours/ neurodiversity/ anxiety/ attachment can affect any family. Also, it may be a barrier for some people to take the financial leap when they don't yet know the value of coaching for their family. With these reasons in mind, I have decided to offer a limited number of pay what you wish coaching sessions each week. Each session is 60 minutes.

When is it?

The sessions are on a Monday at 10am, 11.30am and 1pm (BST/GMT). Coaching sessions will be done over Zoom video call. To book, you can submit a contact form on the contact page or email me directly

Once I have received your request to book, I will get back to you with available dates. There may be a waiting list.

How much is it?

Deciding on how much to pay is personal to you based on what you can afford and what value you feel the coaching has. All clients will experience the same quality of coaching regardless of how much you choose to pay. I charge £59 for PAYG sessions so you can choose to pay any amount up to that (or more if you see the value in it and wish to contribute towards the coaching of others who cannot afford to pay full price). I do ask for a minimum of £10.42 (UK minimum wage) because I value my time and expertise enough that this is the minimum I would want to accept. I need to keep myself motivated and engaged and working for free isn't aligned with my personal needs of value and worth.

I'm already working with you, how is this different?

I don't offer the Transformational Parenting Course during these sessions and pay what you wish clients will not have access to the videos and resources. Clients may be limited to the number of sessions they can access due to demand and there will likely be a waiting list. Please reach out to discuss this further if you would like to chat about which coaching route would best suit you.

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