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Family Cheering


Find out what past clients have said about working with me.

Clair, Mum of 4

"I love the course content and the way it links together but the real power behind this course is Jodie. Her empathy, compassion and her sheer enthusiasm for the process, shape the experience into a cathartic journey of self-belief. Jodie is a marvel".

Jo, Mum of 16 year old

"The parent coaching course has been such an eye-opening experience for myself. I am truly grateful for Jodie's coaching and patience, and for helping me to realise I am not a bad person. I feel I have just started on a journey of finding my true self and know I have a long way to go. With Jodie's coaching, I am confident this journey can continue in a positive way".

Child, 11 years old

“I am happy my Mom did the course. We have a better time together now. It's easier for me to become calmer. My friends are missing out because they are being punished and their parents are shouting at them.”

Josie, Mum of 2

"The course has been truly transformational for me and my family. I no longer walk on egg shells or avoid simple interactions with my kids for fear of them exploding. I know they're still going to explode, but now I'm armed with self regulation it doesn't feel like a battle. My ammunition is compassion and attunement and in fact, we're no longer at war at all. I wish I'd have found this information out sooner but I have also found the self-compassion to know I was always doing the best I could. "

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