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My Approach

When the relationship we have with our child has a foundation of emotional safety, acceptance and attunement, we will both thrive.

Mother and Son

The greatest gift you can give to your child is a secure attachment.

My Parenting Approach

I follow a conscious parenting approach. Essentially, it is a connection based approach that is rooted in the belief that children and adults are equally deserving of kindness, respect and relationship safety. It is a world away from authoritarian parenting where fear based approaches are used. I view every child as a 'whole' person, rather than someone whose feelings, needs and desires should come second to adults. The parenting course I deliver uses the latest research in child development, attachment science and nervous system science to inform parents of proven methods known to help children achieve their optimal social and emotional development, academic potential and mental well-being. A conscious parenting approach prioritises relationship safety focusing on parent and child forming a secure attachment. Think clear boundaries, implemented with kindness! 

My Coaching Approach

My coaching is parent centric. I help my clients explore their values, hopes and parent/child relationship goals then support them to delve deeper into what is keeping them stuck in repeated patterns that are preventing them from reaching harmony and goal alignment. I offer a non-judgmental space for clients to reflect upon their parenting journey and facilitate them to connect the dots between their current challenges and their own childhood experiences. I support clients to identify and accept their own feelings and needs, which, in turn, supports them to look beneath the behaviours of their child through a compassionate lens. 

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